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Vino Volo came to us with a unique request.  At their many locations at major airports around the country, Vino Volo does not have cooking capabilities on-site.  Their business model was to use local caterers at each location to make prepared food deliveries throughout the week.  They needed recipes that could be streamlined for consistency and ease of preparation, as well as local manufacture of the menu items.

We partnered with Panache Fine Catering for this project, as they are a licensed food manufacturer in the state of Maryland.  To begin this project, Hampden Hill provided the following:

  • Costing sheets for each menu item to be prepared, as well as sources for those items.
  • Custom, streamlined recipes normalized to the inventory item sizes (for example, recipes that used whole amounts of #10 cans of product.)
  • Simple ordering sheets for the client to use.
  • On-site management of the food manufacturing process.
  • Delivery schedules during the week.


During the years of providing product to Vino Volo, the new systems and on-site management ensured consistency of quality, food safety, and food costs.  After the duration of the project, Vino Volo has moved to a national purveyor for their menu items, using our streamlined systems so that the food retains their standards.

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Project Type
Recipe Development, Restaurant Consultation, Custom Food Manufacturing
Project Dates
August 2012 – June 2014
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