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First Mine Run Shooting Club

Venison and Pheasant Game Pie

First Mine Run is a private shooting club with a long waitlist.  Of their many offerings, they are one of the only shooting clubs in the United States that offers English-style driven pheasant shooting.

One of the most obvious areas for improvement with the driven shoots was the food.  Customers gear up in their green tweed to spend the day being transported to the English countryside during the shoot, and what was needed were hearty lunches that fit with the theme.  Sandwiches from the local grocery store just weren’t going to cut it, so they contacted us to develop authentic, appropriate, and memorable meals for their customers.

Since 2015, we have provided them with custom, authentic English shooting lunches during their driven shoots in the winter.  In recent years we have also started using game from the property, mostly pheasant and venison.  Each meal is different from the last, but some favorites include Savory Raised Game Pies, Roasted Venison Leg, and English Triffle.

This ongoing relationship allows us to create unique, unforgettable meals a few times a month during the winter, and provides First Mine Run with an undeniable benefit to encourage full bookings during their driven shoot schedule.


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