Vino Volo

Vino Volo Storefront

Vino Volo came to us with a unique request.  At their many locations at major airports around the country, Vino Volo does not have cooking capabilities on-site.  Their business model was to use local caterers at each location to make prepared food deliveries throughout the week.  They needed recipes that could be streamlined for consistency […]

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine contacted us to advise and manage an epidemiological feeding study that was already underway and not as efficient as it should be. Epidemiological feeding studies work like this:  the participants are given a specific diet to see what effect it has on their health.  For this particular study, to […]

The Chef’s Feast

Feast Table

The Chef’s Feast is a collaboration with long time industry partner Panache Fine Catering.  The following is an excerpt from the website, created by Hampden Hill: During these special limited events, we share our own personal cooking with you. Family recipes, exotic dishes, or just what we are excited about cooking right now. Food is […]

First Mine Run Shooting Club

Venison and Pheasant Game Pie

First Mine Run is a private shooting club with a long waitlist.  Of their many offerings, they are one of the only shooting clubs in the United States that offers English-style driven pheasant shooting. One of the most obvious areas for improvement with the driven shoots was the food.  Customers gear up in their green […]

The Supreme Pantry

Braided Pretzels

The Supreme Pantry is an ongoing project by Hampden Hill, Inc. with the goal of teaching home-cooks how to be better home-cooks.  The main goal is to teach people how to build a robust home pantry, so that cooking at home is cheaper, easier, and more fulfilling.  We are also developing recipes, shopping guides, and […]