Hampden Hill, Inc.

What is Hampden Hill?

Hampden Hill, Inc. is a multifaceted food company, segmented into different brands.  It is a company that is all about food, in all it’s forms.  Whether it’s concept development, recipe writing, or just making a fantastic meal, Hampden Hill has done it before.  And we can do it for you.

Areas of Expertise

Food Industry Experience
19 Years
Food Product Development
13 Years
Catering and Food Manufacturing
9 Years

What We Can Do

The truth is, we CAN do it all.  Here are a few things we are especially good at.

Recipe Development

For your website or restaurant

food product design

for industrial manufacturing

Custom Meals

for home parties

Cooking Classes

for you and your friends

Our Brands

We’ve segmented our business into distinct brands, offering distinct services.  Click below to learn more about each brand.


Learn how to properly set up a home kitchen, buy pantry staples, and cook like you know what you’re doing.  All on a budget.

Hampden Hill Consulting Shield

hampden Hill Consulting

Expert advice for recipe development, restaurant consultation, food product development, and epidemiological feeding studies.

Chef's Feast

The Chef's Feast

Exclusive, invitation only feasts.  We go all out and create unique, memorable, amazing foods.  There’s no other food experience quite like it.


Dinner Crafters

Need a chef to “ghost-write” your next party or family gathering?  We create a and prep the whole custom menu.  You look like a hero.


The Meal Preppery

Weekly meal-prep.  New menus are posted monthly, properly portioned and delicious.  You just pick which dishes you want each week!


Boutique Dinners

Bring the restaurant experience to your home.  Personal chef services to create a custom dinner experience for up to 12 guests.

Let's Chat

about your next big idea, your current project, or your special event.

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